Liv Line

Lümico Liv Line this window arrangement is great. Our 20years experience and advanced construction work has led to the fact that we have developed a product second to none. Liv Line was created based on the legendary German system Schuco and includes as standard everything that should be beautiful, functional and safe window premium.

Start Liv flawlessly!

Windows premium should include przemyśane and uncompromising decisions. Equip window as well as accessories for which you still have to pay separately, Liv Line has as standard.

In addition, our Windows were wzgobacone about solutions that will make it so that you will live more comfortably and safely.

Lümico Liv Line /

Intellectual security in the standard

Liv Line was equipped with an innovative system Secure System Secure System Plus. This original solutions developed by the company of Lümico. No one informed ofertował not so much in standard.

Select one of the following options as standard its woodwork.

Lümico Liv Line /

Secure System

  1. Seam, V-Perfect
  2. Siegenia Titan RC1N
  3. Handle Secu Forte
  4. Warm the black frame in the package szybowym
  5. System iUpper

Lümico Liv Line /

Secure System Plus

  1. Seam, V-Perfect
  2. Siegenia Titan RC2N with full certification to din EN 1627
  3. Handle Secu Forte
  4. Warm the black frame in the package szybowym
  5. System iUpper
  6. System iMagnetic*

Lümico Secure System is available as Windows Liv Line is a unique solution developed by Lümico. The system includes all of the above items as standard.

Lümico Secure System Plus is available in the Windows Liv Line is an enhanced version of the system Secure System, contains additional solutions . The system includes all of the above elements as standard*.

Lümico Liv Line /

Windows for any interior

Regardless of what interior you have or what taste you have. Windows Liv Line up perfectly with the classic architecture and the latest trends of construction.

Liv Line is unusual, the only one in its class joinery. Modern and uncompromising the Windows need to represent the interior, and not only to be a building material. Such here Windows Liv Line.

Lümico Liv Line /

Standard equipment available

Seam, V-Perfect

When using V-PERFECT

The aesthetics of the Windows in the colours, is made V-Perfect knows no bounds! Windows made with this technology, excellent in many ways. Result in a real 100% beautiful. Currently, the market of manufacturers of PVC Windows is the most innovative and najnowoczesniejsza technology. Let Your house will finally perfect Lümico Liv with Liv Line!

Without using V-PERFECT

Other technologies used to weld color profile, often creates limitations. They cause that even after cleaning and painting the angle of aesthetics departs from the set expectations of quality. If the white Windows don't make problem with that, of course, each of us met with this classic and elegant enough solution, it attaches in the colors of the lining.

Siegenia Titan

Safe house is a solution without compromise. When designing the Liv Line , this was one of the main principles of our inżynietów. Such assumptions can only be satisfied by the legendary Siegenia Titan in a dedicated high configuration as standard. It not only provides 100% security to You and Your family, but also because intelligentnym solutions will increase the comfort of use. Select one of the options for Liv Line of standard fittings in version RC1N or RC2N with full certification, carried out by the German Institute.

Be reasonably safe!

The only inteligentneej of rotation of the roll Kopibo you'll be reasonably safe. It increases comfort when you open and ajar Windows, and also due to its properties suitable for the weather conditions and depending on them parametryzuje the force with which pen is used.

System iUpper

this System in the first place improves the smoothness of operation of all of the entire window. Integrated with each item of hardware.

Its main task is automatic boosting, and press the sash to the box. It can be compared to the system of power steering in automobiles. Do you drive a car without it? That's it. By analogy with the system of iUpper. The truth is that just?

iUpper additionally protects against effect of the so-called "obwieszania wings". Few people know, but with time depending on various factors, the wings may slightly fall, causing that its opening and closing will be no less comfortable than recently after installation. System iUpper nieutralizuje this effect.

In addition, it is integrated with the locking system of the incorrect position of the handle. In practice, except for any minor difficulties with the operation of the window.

iHidden Hinge*

Unique system of invisible, hidden hinges, and can hold a sash weight up to 180 kg. Bulky, huge glass panels-this is not a problem. Forget about effort while using them. Window Liv Line works with the lightness of feather. Wing, even in the most severe open effort of one finger. Be reasonably safe and start Liv with ease!

Handle Secu Forte

Unique in the market unique handle Secu Forte offered as standard* 2 options to choose from in the Windows Liv Line.

Secu Forte is one of the najbezpiezniejszych pens on the market because handle and stem are not linked in the same way as in the classical solutions, which gives additional properties from burglary. With this solution, every potential "intruder" very quickly refuse from invading Your home.

To open the window, click on the handle in the direction of the outlet (1), then obróź (2):



A safe home is a smart home, not only because of the classical solutions, but also electronic security systems.

iMagnetic is a unique system of magnetic detectors, whereby the window is an integral part of safe house through the Central security system.

The system works with all modern solutions such as Smart Home.

Warm frame in standard

Liv Line in standard black frame warm stud*. Thanks to her, the window is aesthetically pleasing and has a much better quality of energy. In addition, the warm frame will neutralize the effect, i.e. "water."